Sientra a new option in US for Breast Implants

Breast Implants available in the US just increased by approximately 1/3 with the approval of Sientra (Silimed, Brazil) for distribution and sales in the US. Although I am not planning on using these implants anytime soon, I applaud the FDA for opening the door for the well manufactured implant maker. This company has a large following in South America and I have seen their products in our national meetings for years. unfortunately, some of their most innovative implants (as is the case for Allergan and Mentor) are still not available in the US YET! More good choices always help as long as it does not add confusion with mis-information. Early on it was hinted that ceratin implant types that were not allowed from the other manufactures were suddenly allowed with Sientra. I no longer believe this is true…but I could be wrong. That doesn't seem fair considering Allergan and Mentor spent a Helluva Lot of money and time with their approval processes. But alas, life is not always fair!