Still Waiting for “Gummy Bear Implants”

For years we have been hearing about the 'Gummy Bear Implants'. They are great for this and fantastic for that and are used 70% of the time in Europe, etc. Patients feel safe with these so called 'Form Stable Implants' because if they break the silicone won't leak out and wreck havoc on your body. Fact is we've known for more than ten years that silicone is not associated with any of the diseases that were attributed to it in 1993.. so why use this reason at all? Truth is that these form stable implants have a place in certain types of cases such as reconstruction and difficult constricted breast syndrome. Some of the surgeons that are using them in the U.S. study believe they are useful in certain recurring capsular contracture especially when combined with dermal collagen interposition grafts. No doubt they will be a welcome addition to our choices of implants…BUT…do think you have to wait til these are available to get an augmentation or lift with implant. The old smooth round implants will still be your best bet in over 90% of these cases. The American public will demand the choices that should be available to them ,,,,BUT…most will choose the look afforded by the implants we already have available.