Sunscreen even More Important for Babies and Small children in Preventing Melanomas

Lather up your Babies and Small Children to keep them safe from Melanoma later. the importance of Consistently using sun block in babies and small children was emphasized in this study.

The rapidly multiplying skin cells of small children and babies are more susceptible to the sun's harmful UV rays.

In a study performed using infant opossums (a skin model used to replicate the newborn human skin), researchers found an increased sensitivity of the young skin to damage and later malignant melanoma. Researchers in the Texas Biomedical Research Institute also found that they could not stimulate malignant melanoma in adult Opossums irradiated in the same way.  So my dear parents do not be afraid to lather it on! It takes more than you think for proper protection. Please let it dry for 10-15 minutes before they get in the water!

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