TecnoSurgeons versus Artist/Surgeons

Many years ago I received a call from a local middle school student wanting to know how she could become a 'laser surgeon'. I laughed and explained to her that the laser was simply one of the many tools we used to accomplish surgical goals. She sounded somewhat disappointed and i never heard from her again. Since that time I have met countless of my patients (new and established) that come in clutching a news article with some new technological advancement. I will gladly take a look and explain why I am or am not currently using that technology. Every year I attend several scientific meetings and try to bring back two procedures or technologies to my practice for evaluation. If I am still using that procedure or technology in one year I consider myself very lucky. There is a helluva lot of hype out there causing poorly trained surgeons to believe that with a magic wand they can become cosmetic surgeons. They have no artistic ability or insight and will simply let a device manufacturer train them. If they are 'well trained', they took a weekend course and took their "Board" online and passed them..

BEWARE of new technology. "All things good were once new, but all new things are not good"