The IDEAL IMPLANT® vs. Traditional Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are constructed somewhat like a water balloon. Comprised of an outer silicone shell, this type of breast implant is filled after it has been placed, allowing Dr. Peña to make slight adjustments to volume during the breast augmentation procedure. While this offers some benefit, many women find saline implants placed above the muscles in the chest are more prone to wrinkle, ripple, or fold, and the filling does not lend itself to a natural look and feel. These issues are addressed to an extent when saline implants are placed below the muscles in the chest, though they may still be palpable laterally and still fall short of the aesthetics offered by their silicone counterparts. Because of they are contructed the shape is that of a "flying saucer" and the edges lift up from the chest wall as you fill the up further adding to the unnatural feel and appearance  especially in the thin individuals.

To learn more about the IDEAL IMPLANT® in the Naples area of Florida, call board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña at (239) 3448-7362 todayThe IDEAL IMPLANT® combines the benefits offered by saline implants with the natural look and feel offered by silicone. This new saline breast implant contains inner and outer chambers that are filled with saline solution and separated by three baffle shells. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT controls the movement of the saline solution to prevent visible edges as well as issues such as folding and wrinkling. Better still, the IDEAL IMPLANT does all of this without compromising the natural look and feel Dr. Peña believes our patients deserve. If you are curious about how these implants compare to other options, call 239-348-7362 to schedule a consultation at our Naples office today.

Dr. Peña is one of only a handful of board-certified plastic surgeons who have been approved to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT. If you are considering breast augmentation in or around Naples, Florida, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation and learn more about this exciting new breast implant option.