ThermiVA™ non surgical vaginal tightening and Treatment for Stress incontinence

Radiofrequency  treatments of the vaginal area (inside and out) have been found to do the following: 

1) external vaginal tightening (cosmetic plumping of the labia majora and some shrinking of Labia minora)

2) Internal vaginal tightening with frequent enhancement of sexual stimulation, increased vaginal lubrication, and improvement of urinary stress incontinence)

The treatments are performed without any anesthesia and have been described as a warm sensation and take about 45 minutes. They are repeated once a month and are usually performed in a series of three. The patients often see improvement, however, after the first treatment. 

There is NO DOWNTIME and our patients have been extremely pleased after the first treatment. The first having no urinary leakage while watching a hilarious Movie (a problem she has had for year). The second patient  went home had sex that night and experienced increased sexual pleasure and ease in achieving an orgasm.  Her partner commented that he felt her external vaginal appearance had improved.

Please  visit your gynecologist on a regular basis and have a complete exam within a year before considering this procedure.

Please call my office at 239-348-7362 for an evaluation for ThermiVA™.