Three treatments for varicose veins all offer some relief.

Treatment for Varicose Veins include injection of Foam  into the veins, sclerosing the veins with a laser from the inside, or sclerosing the veins using a radiofrequency device from the inside.  Traditional excision of the varicose veins is rarely used in the U. S. except as a last resort.  The majority of treatments are for cosmetic reason but many individuals with significant varicose veins complain of pain which feels like a toothache and or itching and burning.


Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

A recent study compared to 3 most commonly used methods (Foam, intraluminal laser ablation, and intraluminal radiofrequency ablation) and the results at 6 months show similar improvement with all 3 methods with the more invasive to methods perhaps giving a bit better long-term result.  The lower cost  and less invasive nature of the FOAM sclerosing was attractive to quite a few patients even if they realize that the possibility of having to be treated again in a few years was higher. Generally all three types of patients were pleased with their results and stated they believed their quality of life was improved. The author felt that the injectible foam would be boosted by the results since the costs and complexity including recovery were less/

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