Too Much Sugar Causes Wrinkles!

Come on?!? Really? Yes, besides excess sun and cigarette smoking, a diet rich in sugar helps destroy the proteins found in skin that are responsible for healthy skin, collagen and elastin. By a process called glycation the collagen fibers are infiltrated by the free sugars in your blood stream. This turns the elastic Collagen Type 3 into the brittle Type 1 found in aged wrinkled skin. This is not new stuff, articles from dermatologists have been saying this for the last 7 years. Recently a new product claims that it can “reverse” the results of the "Advanced Glycation End-Product" also known as AGE. The exciting thing is that it is a topical cream. The researchers claim that it is the most significant discovery for aging skin since Retin A! Well, that remains to be seen… but it offers some pretty cool possibilities. The compound is Theraglycan-3 and it has been available commercially for the last 2 months in the US>