VECTRA 3D imaging for breast, Body, and Face

Finally, with the VECTRA system by Canfield Imaging we can offer the most state of the art imaging tool for accurate selection of breast implant size. Using your body (in a three dimensional rendition) we can "try on" a huge array of commercially available breast implants. IT will blow your mind! I thought my 2-D imaging was good, but this blows it away. It is satisfying and empowering to be able to place an array of different implant sizes and shapes into your body in three dimensions and be able to view them with and without clothes is the ultimate in Patient Control. Of course, choose a plastic surgeon wisely because choosing the right implant is only part of the secret! I have performed almost 2000 breast augmentations (4000 total breasts) in the 23 years I have been in practice in Naples.