Versatility of BOTOX® and It’s Many Uses – Naples, Florida

BOTOX® Can Be Used For Chin Dimples

BOTOX®​ is not just for the upper face anymore. While the majority of uses for BOTOX® is around the eyes I find it extremely helpful to treat many conditions which bother my patients in Naples. I have used BOTOX® for chin dimples and BOTOX® for smokers lines also known as the smoker lines treatment without fillers.  Very small amounts of BOTOX® are used around the mouth to prevent asymmetries and dysfunction of the lips.  They can be injected very superficially to treat fine lines which are to maintain smokers lines but can often be a sign of pure inelastic skin caused by her attitude, sun damage, and/or smoking.  Some individuals with very expressive faces or a significant overbite will keep the lower lip tightened to close the lips and prevent the open gaping teeth look.  When I treat chin dimples with BOTOX® I tell the patient's that this is a subconscious act almost like an expression and we can train their bodies to minimize this deformity even after the BOTOX® wears off. The other use for BOTOX® around the mouth is to elevate the corners of the mouth in those individuals that because of their expressions have down turned mouth giving a sad appearance. The root of the muscle which causes this is at the junction of the jaw line and chin and weakening these muscles help neutralize or elevate the corners of the mouth given a pleasing appearance.

BOTOX® For Frown Lines

The most common use for BOTOX® is BOTOX® for the Frown Lines. This is the nicknamed given to the two lines which form between the eyebrows when we activate our frowning muscles consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes when the frowning has been present for so long and the skin elasticity is not good the lines or 11's did not go away totally.  In these cases a tiny amount of filler can be used to further soften the appearance of these lines.

Chemical Browlift 

One of the most artistic uses of BOTOX® in Naples, Florida is to create the effect of a  Chemical browlift just with the use of BOTOX®.  Essentially the muscles that are in the corners of the eye that cause the center portion of the crows feet and the muscles at the root of the nose that bring the central or middle part of the eyebrow  down are both weakened allowing the muscles that elevate or raise the eyebrows to overpower the now weakened muscles.Unfortunately, sometimes the brows are so heavy and the tissues and so inelastic that this does not have much effect.  In those cases a surgical lifting of the eyebrows and possibly blepharoplasty  would be necessary.  The many uses for BOTOX® in Naples are highlighted in two videos which explain the anatomy, cause-and-effect, and uses of BOTOX® around the face.

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