Waiting on VOLUMA in Naples, Florida

Don't get me wrong, I love fat grafts! Everyone knows that, but a long term (safe) hyaluronic acid filler especially made to fill volumes like the cheeks or the areas just in front of the Jowls… will be a welcomed addition to our armamentarium. I also love Sculptra® Aesthetic… but I don't like to wait for results (hey, I am a Surgeon and we don't like to wait). A recent report from a meeting in Canada leaked out some of the juicy details like "a little Voluma goes a long way"…. great that is what my patients want. They don't care how it is cross linked to maintain it's volume over an extended period of time, they just want it to last a long time! Voluma by Allergan cleared the next to the last hurdle in the FDA Gauntlet needed for final clearance so let's keep our fingers crossed that we will have it for Christmas!