We must be prepared for EBOLA

The recent transfer of the doctor infected with Ebola to the US caused a lot of controversy. People were fearing the spread of Ebola with Emory University as Point Zero! They have it all wrong. It will get here and we better know a lot more about it than we do now.

I remember reading about the Ebola Virus over 20 years ago and thinking… What a horrible way to die!. Well, currently there is a possible case in a hospital in NYC. The Possible Ebola patient presented to ER with symptoms consistent with Ebola and history of having traveled to a country in Africa where the virus is rampant. The travel was three weeks ago which is right in the middle of incubation period.

Maybe now that it is threatening the US and Europe the cure or vaccination will be found. The transfer was a good step to learn as much about this horrible infection!

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