Weight Management/ weight loss program

Over the last twenty years I have been offering state of the art plastic surgery and good advice to the Southwest Florida residents, however until recently I was not able to affect their health. Many a patient came to me seeking a solution to the problem which they thought would be surgical. Their problem was that they were either overweight or downright obese and they did not need my help as a plastic surgeon but as a physician interested in their health. I recently lost 26 pounds and he has made a tremendous difference in how I feel and how I look and how others perceive my state of health. Tomorrow we will see our first patients in our clinic. My goal is not only to provide the method for them to lose weight in the incentive to keep them motivated to keep it off. My staff and I are committed to providing this service with chest as much enthusiasm as we have for our and spa services. If you know someone who has been struggling to lose weight and keep it off please have them consider a medically supervised weight management system. They can call our office and when get a medicine as possible and get them on the road to a healthier lifestyle.