What is the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

The actual best age for breast augmentation is, at best, unique to each person. At our Fort Myers breast augmentation clinic, I perform a thorough medical examination and review of your medical history. Many factors determine the best age for this procedure, that the standard FDA approved age minimum of 18 years, and statistically best age of less than 50 years are not universally engraved in stone.

Personal information includes having complete breast development. Results can change if breast augmentation is done when breasts are still developing. For this reason the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommends 21 years as a minimum age for breast augmentation surgery. Exceptions to the age recommendations are made if there are severe breast asymmetries which can be severely crippling to young women.

Emotional maturity is another important factor that suggests waiting until you are in your mid-20s before having this surgery. What appeals to you at a young age may not seem important later. Other factors, like anticipated pregnancies, breast feeding and lifestyle need to be considered.

Women approaching age 50 need to have realistic expectations. Age-related changes affect the quality of their skin and body structure. If they have not taken excellent care of their bodies throughout life, plastic surgery will not be a miracle cure. Older bodies do not heal as well as younger ones. Age-related diseases can remain hidden yet still have a negative effect.

Please contact Fort Myers breast augmentation surgeon, Manuel Peña, M.D. for a personalized consultation about your goals for fuller or perkier breasts.