What is the best time to have a Facelift?

just about everyday I get that the question "what is the best time or age to have a faceless?". I have several responses to this question first of all and for the most part it is up to the individual when they think they are ready for any kind of elective cosmetic procedure.  Having said this, I believe that if something is bothering you at an early point there is significant benefit in addressing it at bedtime rather than waiting until a point where the results may not be as long lasting, you will enjoy it for all the years that you could have, and your health may be an issue.   This is often combine with a second question, "how long will a facelift last?". While the traditional time for a classic lower face and neck lift to require some major touchup is approximately 7 years some individuals that are particularly persnickety may opt for minor touchups at 3 to 5 years while others may go as long as 10 or 15 years before investigating further interventions.

Best time to have a facelift? Best age to have a facelift?

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