What is Vectra 3D Imaging?

With Vectra 3D imaging, you and your cosmetic surgeon can see your results before surgery. In our Naples office, you will work with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña to capture and view 3D images of your targeted body area to discuss your surgical options and results. Part of our cosmetic surgery philosophy is that your realistic expectations lead to happy results. 

The Vectra 3D images aid both the cosmetic surgeon and patient with pre-surgical planning by allowing us to see how the options you choose will affect your results. 

During your consultation, we will take 3D images of your face or body with the Vectra imaging unit. Then using computers and specialized software to translate your images, we will view your images and be able to make real-time adjustments to discuss your goals for the procedure.

For breast augmentation, this allows us to view different sized implants on your actual image during the selection process. For nose surgery, we can discuss reducing your bridge or reshaping your tip and you will be able to see the possible manipulations from the 3D imaging. We can use the Vectra 3D imaging for any surgical procedure.

If you would like to schedule your consultation with an experienced Naples cosmetic surgeon to review your Vectra 3D images and see what your cosmetic surgery results could be, please contact Dr. Manuel Peña today.