What’s the right breast implant size for the cup size I want?

When you are considering breast augmentation, one of the most important decisions you'll make is what size to go with. Fort Myers area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña can help you select the perfect size for you.

Many factors go into determining what size is right for you. Breast implants are measured in cc's not cup sizes, and they don't directly correlate to cup sizes. Although your friend may have 400cc implants and be a cup size D, that doesn't mean 400cc implants would result in a D cup for your body. Among other body variations, the type of implant you choose, silicone or saline, will affect how the implant rests against your chest wall.

The best and really only way to properly select the size of your breast implant for your breast augmentation is to meet with Dr. Peña. You can start with telling Dr. Peña what cup size you are looking for and let the discussion proceed from there. In reviewing before and after photos of women with body types similar to yours, you will begin to get an idea of what breast implant size you likely want.

Our Vectra 3D imaging will also help you choose the right size for your body. In consultation with Dr. Peña, you can manipulate the 3D images of your own body and discuss what size and type of breast implant is right for you.

If you are ready for your breast augmentation consultation, please contact Naples area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña today to schedule your appointment.