Zerona Non Invasive Fat Reduction Laser

Recently attended a conference on this new technology along with Dr. John Guercio. The science is impressive but as of yet not verified in our 'gold standard' peer reviewed journals. Some of the before and after photos left a lot to be desired. One of our major concerns is how enduring will the weight loss results be over time? Aliis verbis, will this intervention be a short-term 'fix' or more lasting?

The method of fat loss is a temporary leak of fat from cells. this is quickly disposed of by the body maybe even improving the patient's lipid profile. The mechanism for the later is to be determined. The 'fat leak' seems to be generalized and not limited to the areas irradiated by the painless low wattage laser. How long will the fat loss/redistribution change remain… and what will happen if you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet? Stay tuned.