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Non-Surgical Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

Do you struggle with excessive underarm sweat? Call Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña at (239) 348-7362 to learn about ThermiDry™ todayThermiDry™ is a safe and incredibly effective way to address excessive underarm sweating. With this nonsurgical treatment, Dr. Manuel Peña uses a small, hand-held device to deliver concentrated radio frequency to targeted underarm sweat glands. The result is an immediate and lasting reduction of sweat production, helping increase comfort and confidence under even the most physically demanding circumstances.

If you struggle with excessive underarm sweating and are looking for a quick and effective nonsurgical solution, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery online or by calling our Naples, Florida office at 239-348-7362 to schedule a consultation today.


The medical name for excessive perspiration is hyperhidrosis. This condition may be triggered by exertion or as a stress-response, but it can also occur under the most normal of circumstances. Antiperspirants may offer some relief, but many people with hyperhidrosis find even the strongest of underarm deodorants to be ineffective at controlling the condition. This is where more advanced treatments come into play.

Treatments for hyperhidrosis include BOTOX® Cosmetic and surgical options, though these are not right for everyone. Dr. Peña is pleased to offer a third choice in ThermiDry – a highly effective and noninvasive alternative that comes with very few risks for complications.

ThermiDry has been clinically proven to significantly reduce sweat in the armpits after just one treatment, though a follow up treatment may help improve long-term effectiveness. During your initial consultation Dr. Peña will listen to your concerns and assess your problems to help you determine how many ThermiDry treatments will be required to meet your specific needs.

To schedule your ThermiDry consultation with our board-certified Naples plastic surgeon, please contact us today. Dr. Peña welcomes patients with hyperhidrosis living in Estero, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, and all nearby areas of Florida.

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