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Kybella® logo | Double chin Reduction NaplesKybella® is an exciting option for the reduction of double chin. This revolutionary nonsurgical treatment is the first of its kind to receive FDA-approval and has been shown to significantly improve the appearance of profiles obscured by moderate to severe fat deposits below the chin. If you struggle with double chin and have been looking for an alternative to facial surgical procedures such as neck lift or facelift, it may be time to contact board-certified Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña to learn if Kybella® is a suitable option for you.

Before and after 2nd series of Kybella® injections

Before Kybella®After Kybella®
Individual results may vary.

Before and after second treatment

Before second treatment of Kyella®After second treatment of Kybella®
Individual results may vary.

To schedule your Kybella® consultation at our Naples, Florida office, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery online or by calling 239-348-7362 today.

How Does Kybella® Work?

The active ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, one of the secondary bile acids secreted by the liver to metabolize fat from food. Purified and concentrated for cosmetic use in Kybella®, this same acid first breaks down and then emulsifies fat underneath the chin, allowing for the body’s natural process of reduction to remove the deposits and restore a firm and contoured appearance.

It may take two to four treatment sessions for results from Kybella® to be fully realized. When needed, Dr. Peña can administer as many as six treatments over the course of several months.* How many treatments you will require depends on various factors unique to your makeup and can be discussed in detail during your initial Kybella® consultation. Once treatment is completed, your results will be lasting. Fat cells destroyed through Kybella® injections cannot come back.

Is Kybella® Safe?

Kybella® is FDA-approved for the reduction of fat deposits underneath the chin, but may not be right for every patient. While the safety and efficacy of this nonsurgical treatment are well-documented, some side-effects are possible.
Because deoxycholic acid is naturally secreted by the body, adverse reactions to Kybella® are uncommon. However, side-effects including swelling, bruising, numbness, and pain may accompany this treatment.* These and other side-effects lasting for more than a few days should be brought to the attention of Dr. Peña.

Is Kybella® Right for My Needs?

If your profile has been impacted by stubborn deposits of fat underneath the chin, you may be the ideal Kybella® candidate. The best way to determine if this or another treatment can help you reach your goals is by calling 239-348-7362 and scheduling a consultation with our board-certified Naples plastic surgeon. Dr. Peña welcomes patients from Estero, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and all nearby Florida communities.

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*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.