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Sculptra® Aesthetic

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Age is communicated on your face when your skin loses volume. When you were younger, your face was fuller and your skin smooth. As you grow older, genetics, sun exposure, the natural aging process and other factors cause volume in your face to break down, which leads to deep folds, sagging skin and sunken areas throughout the face.

With the Sculptra® Aesthetic dermal filler, our experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña can restore lost volume in your face, creating a fuller, more youthful facial appearance.

What does Sculptra® Aesthetic Do?

Our plastic surgeon uses Sculptra® Aesthetic to restore areas of lost volume in your face. Sculptra® Aesthetic is commonly used to improve the appearance of:

  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Volume loss throughout the face
  • Other lines and wrinkles of the face

This filler is made of microscopic beads of poly-L-lactic acid, which is a material that eventually breaks down harmlessly in your body. By injecting the beads of poly-L-lactic acid deep beneath your skin in a precise pattern, our plastic surgeon can restore fuller, more youthful skin.

As Sculptra® Aesthetic breaks down over time, it can encourage collagen to form. Collagen rebuilds the fullness of your face by supporting the structure of your skin.

Most often, a series of four Sculptra® Aesthetic injections three weeks apart is required to achieve the optimal effect. You and our plastic surgeon will discuss the number of injections and the frequency needed to achieve the result you want. If you are getting a facelift, Sculptra® Aesthetic can be used to complement and enhance your results.

In most cases, the final results of Sculptra® Aesthetic become visible several weeks after the injectable has been present under the skin

Benefits of Sculptra® Aesthetic

The benefits of Sculptra® Aesthetic include:

  • No downtime. Return to work, social activities or anything else just minutes after the injection.
  • Long-lasting. Sculptra® Aesthetic can provide a fresher, more youthful appearance for as long as two years.
  • Non-surgical. No incisions, stitches or general anesthesia necessary.

Although Sculptra® Aesthetic doesn't require you to stay home or be absent from work, you may notice some redness, swelling, itching and tenderness at the injection site. These reactions are normal, but if they persist or bother you, contact our office.

If you want to talk to a Fort Myers area plastic surgeon about Sculptra® Aesthetic, please contact Manuel Peña, M.D., to schedule a consultation.

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