Instant Neck Lift

Get a Beautiful Neck Instantly with Minimal Downtime!

“Nonsurgical” skin tightening and fat dissolution are two of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures being performed today. Everyone wants little down time with immediate results!

By themselves, they’re all limited and the results are usually not comparable to even the most basic surgical results especially as far as neck rejuvenation is concerned. Setting the surgical neck lift results as the standard for rejuvenation of the neck is a good step toward meeting the challenge of using minimally invasive technologies while achieving the results we want and our patients expect. Finding procedures or combination of procedures that employ technologies which achieve predictable results while minimizing downtime are the goals.

What is the Instant Neck Lift?

Injectible RF (THERMITight®) in combination with micro-liposuction has been used extensively over the last four years but results are often disappointing in the speed which they are obtained and in the final outcome.

Injectable RF (THERMITight®), micro-Liposuction, and the deployment of PDO barbed sutures are used to obtain an “Instant Neck Lift”.

By themselves, each of these procedures may fall short of achieving the results obtainable by a surgical neck lift. In a certain group of patients that have a bit of excess submental/submandibular fat along with moderate skin laxity and maybe early central platysmal bands, the above mentioned combination of procedures can be performed with predictable results and extremely short recovery period with good long-term results which get better with time!

The fact that the post-op result is relatively immediate makes this procedure ideal for surgeons who were used to immediate results and for patient’s looking for the same.

About the Procedure

Carefully choosing the patients that meet the aforementioned criteria and which accept the risks and limitations of this procedure are important. Before and after as well as expected results are discussed in detail.

Local anesthesia is administered through three tiny pin-pricks one in the submental crease and one in each below each ear lobe. The anesthetic infiltration is administered using a blunt cannula to minimize bruising. After the area is numb, micro-Liposuction is performed at and just below the mandibular border and the submental (Chin fat) area in the superficial layer. This is then followed by injectable RF (THERMITight®) when the skin is heated from its undersurface. The skin temperature is being monitored constantly with then infrared camera to ensure the best effect. The target skin temperature is near 45°C. Ideally the entire area treated will reach a temperature between 42°C and 45°C. When the entire neck has been treated, Absorbable Barbed Sutures are deployed just below the mandibular border. They cause the definition of the border and lift the sagging skin into position. These sutures form a scaffold that allows the skin to “Shrink Wrap” around it thus obtaining an immediate result that KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

A similar approach can be used in the face again using absorbable barbed or ‘coned’ threads to set the shape and then radio-frequency to stimulate the Shrink Wrapping effect to coincide with the dissolution of the Threads.

The Recovery

After the procedure, a compressive dressing is administered for 24 hours and then the patient is asked to use an elastic chin compression aided by a customized foam pad at night for 2-3 weeks. Neck massages are to be avoided for 6 weeks. Normal social activities can resume in 2-3 days and return to the gym in approximately 2 weeks. Maximum “shrink wrapping” occurs in 6 months to a year, but significant immediate results make this approach, very attractive to those requesting significant improvement with minimal disruption of their daily routine.

Because this minimally invasive procedure relies on the ability of the skin to contract when stimulated by the radiofrequency generated heat, proper selection of patients is paramount to obtaining positive results.

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