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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Fat Replacement Options

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Platelets are cellular fragments that aid in the initiation of a blood clot and also start the repair and healing process of the body.  They are activated by tissue injury and gather to help seal blood vessels that become disrupted.  During this activated phase, they also release a number of various proteins that we call growth factors.  Once released, these growth factors send out chemical signals that various cells respond to by gathering at the site of the injury and begin the repair process.  This process includes the removal of damaged tissue to rebuild the structures that were injured, including the organization of collagen.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of PRP, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery online or by calling our Naples, Florida office at (239) 348-7362 today. Our board-certified plastic surgeon welcomes patients from Estero, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, and all surrounding areas of Florida. 

What is PRP?

When the natural amount of platelets are concentrated by centrifugation, (spinning the blood) and a separation procedure, the number of platelets in a certain amount of volume can be increased by three to ten fold.  When using this concentrated form of platelet rich plasma, we can accelerate the healing process in our patients.*

Dr. Manuel Peña began using PRP in 1996 with the collaboration of Blood Recovery Systems and Robert Brandt, a pioneer in the use of this process.  Originally, we utilized it as a sealant to minimize bruising and the possibility of a hematoma.  Shortly thereafter though,  we observed the added benefits of faster healing.  Today PRP is used to promote healing in different complex wounds, it is mixed with fat grafts to improve the success of the “graft take’ and is used in conjunction with micro-needling to improve the quality of the skin through the promotion of new collagen.  In our practice, we use it in every face or neck lift and most blepharoplasties, (eyelid tucks) to minimize the bruising and get people out in the public faster.  Currently we are adding it to boost the efficiency of the stem cells which are isolated in a newer process called “nano fat”.

Nano Fat

Nano fat is actually not fat at all although it is derived from the fat that is normally harvested for a fat graft.  The fat is mechanically processed to destroy the large fat cells leaving behind only the tiny adipose derived stem cells.  These cells have what is known as pluripotent potential which allows them to turn into a number of different types of cells and tissues.  It is because of this potential that they can repair weakened or injured tissues or stimulate certain processes such as hair growth.

The term “nano fat” came from a physician who developed the mechanical process (versus enzymatic digestion) to isolate the cells.  When combined with PRP, they can be injected into the skin with very tiny (27 gauge) needles which over time can improve fine lines, sun damage, scars and even reduce dark circles under the eyes in some cases.

Micro Fat

Micro fat is the process of taking the original fat grafts and breaking them into smaller particles that can be injected just under the skin to fill out fine lines around the lips, to fill the hollows in the temporal area and under the eyes.

Fat Grafts

Fat grafts and PRP are used for larger volumes replaced such as the cheek, breasts and buttocks.  When used in the face, volumes can range up to 45 ccs or 1 ½ ounces.  In the very large Brazilian butt lifts, we may use as much as 500-800 ccs per buttock.*

To address the unique needs of each patient, Dr. Peña customizes each of the procedures. The best way to learn what your PRP treatment will entail is by calling our office (239) 348-7362 to schedule your initial consultation with our board-certified Naples plastic surgeon. Located in Naples, we serve all surrounding Southwest Florida communities.

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