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Hand Rejuvenation

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Just like the face, the hands often show obvious signs of aging. This occurs in two different ways. First and foremost we lose volume from the back of our hands. The skin of the hands is delicate and noticeably prone to the loss of volume and elasticity. This can make the veins and tendons on the back of the hands appear to be more pronounced. The second way the hands age is due to the direct skin damage caused by the sun. This happens in two different forms, precancerous scaling plaques and good old-fashioned sunspots.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your hands, board-certified Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña can help. Please contact us online or call (239) 348-7362 to schedule your hand rejuvenation consultation and learn more. Dr. Peña welcomes patients from Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, and all surrounding Southwest Florida communities.

Hand Rejuvenation Options

Some people ask what about fat as a replacement? While fat grafts have been used in the past the “take” of the transplanted fat is quite low since there is little circulation in the layer of the hands being treated. Alternatively, fillers are what is now recommended to help replace the loss of collagen in the hands. In June 2015, the FDA approved Radiesse® for the treatment of the aging hand. Radiesse® is a synthetic filler used to correct volume loss on the back of the hands. Radiesse® is a filler made of calcium particles that resembles bone. It has a whitish appearance and thus helps to hide the veins in the hands as well as help to thicken the tissues of the back of the hands. This material also stimulates your body’s own collagen and continues to replace the loss of volume for between 12-18 months.*

In addition to improving the volume of the tissue on the back of the hands, we are also able to fix the unsightly sun spots and precancerous scaling on the hands. This discoloration can be treated with intense pulsed light or IPL, the proprietary BBL, and the Halo Hybrid Laser. With the help of these different technologies, we are able to tighten and smooth the skin to reduce wrinkles, destroy damaged skin, and reduce age spots to help the hands appear more healthy and youthful.

These two treatments can be, and are usually combined during the same visit at our office. To schedule a consultation and learn more, please call our board-certified Naples plastic surgeon at (239) 348-7362 today. We welcome hand rejuvenation patients from all Southwest Florida communities including Bonita Springs, Estero, and Ft. Myers.

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