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Am I a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

What Makes a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

The idea of plastic surgery is intriguing. It is not hard to imagine yourself looking slimmer, shapelier, or more youthful. But great plastic surgery results are not guaranteed. You must, at least, be a good candidate for plastic surgery. Also, knowing which questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon will help you decide if you are likely to get the results you desire.

Traits of a Good Candidate

Good health: Serious health problems warn against plastic surgery. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, severe allergies, arthritis, depression or bleeding disorders can increase the risk of problems associated with anesthesia, infection, bleeding or loss of skin.

Weight: You should be close to your ideal weight. If you are overweight you are likely to end up with loose skin if you should lose weight after your surgery. This could lose all the benefits gained from your surgery. If you are intent on having surgery, then get down to your ideal weight and tone up your muscles with plenty of good exercise.

Exercise: Regular exercise is necessary for good health. It is even more necessary to maintain the benefits of having plastic surgery.

Tobacco: Smoking, as with all forms of tobacco use, can cause problems at every stage of your plastic surgery plan. If you smoke and intend to have plastic surgery, quit now. Among the long list of problems associated with tobacco, smoking reduces blood flow necessary to healing. It can predispose your lungs to pneumonia, slows recovery, and reduces your resistance to other infections.

Emotional stability: Your body will change with plastic surgery, and you will have an emotional response to this change. Surgery will drain your energy, predisposing even the most emotionally stable to depression. You need a sound emotional foundation to handle your own reactions as well as those of others. Eventually, people will adjust to and accept your changes. But, initially, their responses can be uncomfortable to deal with. Make sure you have a good support system.

Support: You will need help for the first couple weeks. Again, this is surgery, and your incisions need to heal without any stress being put on them. Your body needs to rest if it is to heal well. Arrange for help with daily activities and household chores. Shopping, cooking, cleaning are things you can either do ahead of time, or arrange for someone to help you.

Alcohol and caffeine: These two culprits interfere with healing and good outcomes. They affect the blood flow that is needed to bring healing to your wounds. They affect the quality of your skin, so, should be taken in moderation.

Risks: All surgery involves risk. Even though plastic surgery is elective this is still true. Your plastic surgeon can advise you according to the treatment you have done. You can reduce your risks by carefully choosing the best cosmetic surgeon, learning about your procedure, discussing your goals with your surgeon, having realistic expectations, and following your surgeon’s orders carefully.

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