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Butt Lift / Brazilian Butt Lift

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Buttock Augmentation, Buttock Enlargement

Naples Buttocks AugmentationOver time, the muscles in the rear may lose tone. For others, genetics may have left them with buttocks that are undefined or flabby. Cosmetic buttocks enhancement procedures are becoming increasingly popular. For those of you who would like to improve the contour of the buttocks, Fort Myers plastic surgeon, Dr. Peña offers two effective, innovative procedures: the Brazilian butt lift and the buttocks augmentation with implants

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift (or autologous buttock augmentation) is a body sculpting technique that enhances the butt area by creating a firmer, more prominent profile. The Brazilian butt lift procedure uses your own fat cells to augment the area. The projection of the buttocks is further enhanced by liposuction of the waist to enhance the curves.

Instead of using an implant, Dr. Peña harvests fat cells from an area of the body where there is extra fat to spare. The fat cells are gently removed, purified, and injected into the buttocks, usually into the upper portion. After numerous injections, the buttocks appear more perky, attractive and sensual. The result is a beautiful shape that improves overall body proportions, as well.

Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks augmentation is performed to help patients with small, undefined buttocks achieve a more prominent shape. Dr. Peña performs this surgery using your own fat or combined with a butt lift. Whether you want to add curves or increase size, the buttocks augmentation allows for a high level of flexibility and personalization with long-lasting results.

Buttocks Lift Procedure

  • You are anesthetized with intravenous anesthesia.
  • Thick areas are liposuctioned to obtain fat for augmentation.
  • The waist posterior is treated with liposuction to maximize the buttock projection.
  • The steps are repeated on the other buttock.
  • Sutures are used to close the incision sites, and the buttock area is bandaged.
  • If a lift is indicated, the tissue that would normally have been removed is tucked under the buttocks to give the desired shape.
Naples Buttocks Lift | Fort Myers Buttocks Augmentation

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Individual results may vary.

The buttocks augmentation or lift may be performed as part of the popular procedure called the body lift.

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