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Correction of Asymmetry

Naples Breast Augmentation Patient

Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. Some of these women will undergo breast augmentation for their own personal reasons to improve self-confidence and appearance. For women whose breasts are asymmetrical, wishing they were the same size, or even the same shape, and wanting breast augmentation to fix this is only a little different. These women may have found wearing clothes that fit challenging and may have found wearing a swimming suit completely unnerving due to the differences in breast shape and size.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Some breasts develop at different rates or are shaped totally differently, especially inferiorly and with asymmetric areolar size and projection.

Breast asymmetry can also be acquired due to pregnancy or weight gain. Previous surgeries or injuries may also cause this problem. In fact, mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other breast cancer surgeries or breast infections where breast tissue is removed may require correction of asymmetry.

Treating Breast Asymmetry

Just as there is more than one reason for breast asymmetry, there is more than one solution to fix it. However, if the reason for breast asymmetry is developmental, young women must wait until they are 18-years-old to undergo any kind of breast asymmetry correction surgery. Likewise, mothers who are breast feeding must wait, as should women who may be thinking about having children sometime in the future.

However, after discussing your cosmetic goals with Dr. Peña, then your breast asymmetry can be corrected. The most straightforward and common way to correct breast asymmetry is with breast augmentation. This will increase the size of the smaller breast or increase the size of both breasts. A breast reduction may be performed on the larger breast to match it to the smaller one. A breast lift may also benefit women with breast asymmetry to help make sure the breast shape is attractive.

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