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Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding

Women in their childbearing years are often concerned about what effect their breast augmentation may have on their ability to breastfeed. You should discuss your future family plans with Naples breast surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña. He can use surgical techniques for your breast augmentation that will not disrupt your ability to breastfeed in the future.

Breastfeeding with Implants

Many factors contribute to whether you will be able to nurse your child, including development of your milk glands and development of your infant's suckling ability. Although the FDA has said that your chances of being able to breastfeed are reduced by having breast implants, no large scale studies have demonstrated the correlation.

If you do plan on breastfeeding later in life, discuss your intention with Dr. Peña. He may recommend an alternative breast augmentation incision option. For example, the peri-areolar incision has a chance of disrupting milk ducts and nerves in the nipples, which could prevent breast feeding later on. With a skilled breast surgeon, breast implants should not stand in the way of breastfeeding your child.

Not every new mother succeeds at breastfeeding regardless of whether they have had breast augmentation. It's important to remember to be patient, keep a positive attitude, and supplement if necessary.

Safety of Your Breast Milk

Patients also express concerns about whether breast implants will affect the safety of their breast milk. No harm has been associated with breast milk from women with implants, regardless of the breast implant type. Breastfeeding from women with breast implants has not been associated with any health problems in children.

Breast milk has been tested for evidence of silicon, and the incidence of it found in women's breast milk is not statistically different for women with implants and women without. And the amount of silicon in women's breast milk was far less than that found in cow's milk or formula.

Platinum from breast implants has been found in the milk of women with implants, but it has not produced any measurable health effects in children.

Considering Your Options

If you think that becoming pregnant is in your near future, you may want to consider waiting until after childbirth and breastfeeding to have your breast augmentation. Breasts fluctuate during pregnancy and many women experience sagging of their breasts after pregnancy. Each body is different. Your implants may look perfectly fine after your child is born or you may find that your results are not as attractive as they were. Discuss your options with your breast surgeon to get all of your breast augmentation questions answered and make the right decision for you.

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