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Beauty and Comfort

Want to improve the appearance of your breasts? If you’re unhappy with your breast size or shape, breast augmentation may be right for you.

In Naples, Florida, Dr. Manuel Peña has performed breast augmentation on women whose breasts are small, uneven, or sagging due to age, childbirth, breast feeding or weight loss.  Since 1990, Dr. Peña’s artistic talents, combined with his world-class surgical skills, have helped patients achieve natural, beautiful results.

Many people feel shame or embarrassment over perceived body flaws. Most often, women are concerned with their breasts, generally due to lost volume, unevenness or the effects of gravity. Through safe, proven procedures like breast augmentation, the breast lift, and the correction of breast asymmetry, women can enjoy enhanced self-esteem and personal pride.

Breast Augmentation

Whether your breasts are naturally smaller than you would like or have lost their youthful volume, breast augmentation is a popular procedure that can restore youthful contours with silicone or saline implants. Implants create a more feminine, proportioned figure, which can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and self-confidence.

The Breast Lift

Breast augmentation combined with the breast lift procedure is often the best solution for women who desire more youthful breast contours. Breast augmentation increases breast size, while the breast lift dramatically restores volume to sagging breasts. This combination of procedures is popular among women after childbirth, offering the appearance of firmer, fuller breasts.

Breast Asymmetry

Surgery to correct breast asymmetry involves breast augmentation on the smaller breast and breast reduction on the larger breast to achieve perfect symmetry. Breast asymmetry surgery has a very high success rate when performed by a highly trained cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Peña. Women 18 years of age or older who are in good physical and emotional health are likely to qualify for breast asymmetry correction.

If one of these procedures sounds right for you, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña in Naples, Florida, to learn more about your breast augmentation options.