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Breast Health Before and After Implants

Breast health is important for every woman. You take care of yourself before breast surgery, and it is just as important that you take the time to care for your breast health after breast surgery. Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña will discuss your medical history before your procedure and encourages you to keep good health habits following your surgery.

General Health

Like any doctor would tell you, maintaining a good diet and exercise routine is important for your general health. Although during your breast surgery recovery, your exercise will be limited until you are fully healed, you should strive to make a healthy diet and regular exercise part of your daily routine.

Keeping your weight stable is also important to maintaining the great results from your breast surgery. Significant weight fluctuations will take their toll on your breasts and cause them to sag.

Proper Support

Gravity pulls on your breasts every day of your life. To make sure you keep your breasts looking young and healthy before and after your plastic surgery, it's important to wear the right bras. If your breasts are not properly supported, especially during exercise, your skin may start to stretch and lead to sagging, unattractive results.

No Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your overall health, it can affect your risks for complications during your breast surgery and slow your recovery. If you are a smoker, we recommend that you quit at least two weeks before your breast augmentation, but the sooner you stop the better.

Smoking puts your body in a constant fight with the smoke and causes inflammation. Studies have shown that this makes smokers more likely to have surgical complications and infections following surgery. Because of the decreased blood flow, your body also has a more difficult time healing itself.

Cancer Screening

Before and after breast surgery, you should have regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Some patients are concerned thatbreast implants make cancer detection more difficult, but studies have shown that this is not the case.

After the age of 35 to 37, you need to have preoperative mammograms, in some cases younger if the family history for breast cancer is strong. Always tell the technician performing the mammogram that you have implants. She will perform a maneuver called the "Eklund View," which displaces the implants allowing the best view of your natural breast tissue.

Make sure that with breast implants, you seek out a screening clinic that is used to working with women with implants. You want to know that your mammogram technician and the radiologist who will read your images are both experienced working with women with breast implants.

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