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Exercise with Breast Implants

Many women who choose breast implants to enhance their figures are already active individuals who live a healthy lifestyle. Breast implants don't have to slow you down. During your consultation with Naples cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña you should discuss your activity level and how that may affect your selection of size and breast implant type.

Recovery Time

Following your breast augmentation surgery, your bodywill need time to heal. During the first week, you should limit your activities to short walks and avoid putting any strain on your new breast implants. Getting yourself moving will promote healing in your body, but too much too soon will do more harm than good. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Peña's post-operative care instructions.

After the first week you can start to take longer walks, but limiting your arm movement and any bounce in your step will make exercise more comfortable for you at this point. You may want to try a stationary bike or elliptical machine, which are both low impact exercises.

Note however, that you should not swim until released by Dr. Peña to do so. In general, swimming involves too much arm movement during your initial phase of recovery.

About a month after surgery, you should be feeling well enough to return to your normal exercise routine.* Remember to take things slowly and let your body adjust naturally to your new breast implants. Talk to Dr. Peña if you have any doubts about when it is okay to resume your normal activities or have any other breast augmentation questions.

Supportive Garments

During your recovery and once you've returned to your regular exercise routine, it is important to wear sports bras and garments that support your breasts. Wearing a sports bra that compresses your chest will help reduce swelling the first few days following your breast surgery.

You'll be more comfortable as you begin to resume your normal exercise routine if you select a sports bra that adequately supports your enhanced breast size and promotes stability when you're moving.

Many women question whether to go with an underwire or no wire. The reality is that it is a personal choice depending entirely on your comfort. If you choose an underwire, make sure you try on several types and find one that follows the curve of your breast, is well cushioned, and rests on your chest, not on your implant.

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*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.