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Breast Lift Incision Options

If you are looking to rejuvenate the look of your breasts with a breast lift procedure, you have a few options for the type of incision used for your breast lift. In consultation with Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña, you can review your options and select the right one for your aesthetic goals.

Anchor Incision

This is one of the oldest and most common incision types for a breast lift. It allows for the most excessive skin removal and greatest lift, but it does leave more scarring than other incisions do. The incision is performed in three steps:

  • Around the areola
  • A vertical line down to your breast crease
  • A horizontal line along your breast crease

The anchor incision is ideal for women whose breasts are sagging or drooping to a high degree. It is often used for women who are having a breast reduction with their breast lift.

Lollipop Incision

The lollipop incision is so called because it makes the shape of a lollipop. Dr. Peña will make the incision around your areola and then make a vertical line down to your breast crease. Women who are only experiencing a moderate amount of breast sagging and who are not having a breast augmentation in addition to their breast lift would be good candidates for this option.

Donut Incision

Also called the peri-areolar incision, the donut incision is made around your areola. This type of incision is not as common as the other breast lift incision types because it does not allow for as much lift of the breast. However for women with only a mild amount of breast sagging to correct, this can be an ideal incision.

Your Breast Lift Results

Dr. Peña will talk with you about which incision should be used in your procedure. Although some scarring will occur with any incision type, these incisions will not leave excessive scarring. Depending on your incision type, the scars may be concealed at the edge of your areola or in your breast crease.

Every patient is different and the incision selection should be made based on your desired results and your body. Using the Vectra 3D imaging in our facility, Dr. Peña can manipulate images of your own body before surgery to show you how your decisions can affect the outcome of your procedure.

If you would like to talk with an experienced Fort Myers breast surgeon about your breast lift incision options, please contact Dr. Manuel Peña today to schedule your personal cosmetic surgery consultation.