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Areas of the Face that can be Corrected with a Face Lift

Naples Facelift

With the types of facelifts offered by experienced Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña, every area of your face can be rejuvenated with a facelift procedure. Traditionally, the facelift procedure was only capable of improving the appearance of your lower face. New advancements in techniques and technology have now made it possible for the signs of aging to be erased from your lower and middle face. This makes it possible for Dr. Peña to address all of your areas of concern and provide you with a noticeably younger, more attractive appearance.

Face Lift Options

Naples Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peña offers a full range of facelift options including:

  • Neck lift to firm skin around your neck
  • Jaw lift, or S-Lift to remove excess skin and tone the area around your jaw
  • Lower face lift to target the jaw and areas around the mouth
  • Upper facelift to target the cheeks and nasolabial folds
  • Most commonly the lower face and neck are combined

These procedures can be performed on specific areas or combined into a complete facelift that addresses the areas from your neck to your cheeks. If you are suffering from a wrinkly forehead and sagging brows, Dr. Peña can also offer a lateral subcutaneous brow lift to restore a smooth, alert, and youthful appearance by lifting the lateral brow & improving lid hooding.

No two faces are the same. Genetics, aging, and lifestyle choices can all impact various areas of a person’s face. Dr. Peña works with each patient on a completely individual basis to provide the appropriate services and address your unique concerns.

The features of your face will need to be carefully examined prior to Dr. Peña making a decision. Based on your structure and the amount of sagging present, Dr. Peña will customize a treatment option that will provide you with the great looking results you deserve.

If you live in the areas of Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, or Estero, Florida and would like more information on your facelift options, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Manuel Peña, MD to schedule an initial consultation today.