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Facelift Recovery

As with any plastic surgery procedure, your recovery from facelift surgery will depend on a variety of factors. Which type of facelift you undergo will play a roll. So too will your body’s natural healing abilities, your lifestyle choices, and how carefully you follow Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña’s pre and postoperative instructions. During your initial consultation and as you come closer to your surgery date, Dr. Peña will be able to give you a better idea of what your personal recovery may be like.

To schedule your facelift consultation at our Naples, FL office, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Peña serves men and women living in Estero, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, and all surrounding areas. For an immediate response to your facelift questions, please call 239-348-7362.

The First Five Days

Dr. Peña and our plastic surgery team are directly involved in the recovery process of our facelift patients. We will ask that you come in daily for the first five days to enable us to ensure healing is happening as it should and to address any questions that may have popped up since your last visit. During this time you can also expect:

  • Some bruising and swelling*
  • Mild discomfort around the treatment area*

You can minimize swelling and discomfort by limiting your activities and getting plenty of rest. Medications will be provided as needed to help control pain, though excessive pain is both unusual and demanding of immediate attention. Dr. Peña will outline steps to take should you experience pain beyond what is expected following your facelift procedure.

The First Month

Sutures are typically removed within the first seven days of facelift surgery and at this point it may be okay to resume work and other nonstrenuous activities.* Frequent walks can help limit swelling, but wide-brimmed hats should be worn if you are going outside during the day for periods longer than 15 minutes. Excessive sun exposure can enhance incision scars.

Within the first two weeks you should be able to resume more moderate activities, though it is still a good idea to take it somewhat easy.* Continuing to work directly with you, Dr. Peña and our staff will help you determine when it is appropriate to resume specific activities.

It is advisable to wait for four to six weeks before resuming more demanding exercise routines or jobs that require significant physical output.*

You can help speed healing during this time by:

  • Keeping incisions clean
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Not smoking
  • Avoiding certain medications, supplements, and herbs
  • Maintaining your appointments with Dr. Peña

Dr. Peña will discuss medications and supplements to be avoided based on your personal use.

Six Weeks and Beyond

In most cases, the six week mark is where more strenuous activities can be resumed. Scars will continue to fade over the next year, becoming less and less noticeable with each day. It can take a full year for incision scars to fade entirely – longer if you smoke or spend a lot of time unprotected in the sun. However, when proper care is taken, incisions should be largely unnoticeable after just a few months.*

Results for your facelift can last for 10 to 15 years, particularly when care is taken during the recovery period.*  During your initial consultation with our board-certified Naples plastic surgeon this can be discussed in greater detail. Please call us at 239-348-7362 to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.

*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.