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Mid Facelift or Mini Facelift

Fort Myers Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña has helped hundreds of men and women enjoy a more youthful appearance with the popular procedure known as a facelift, or rhytidectomy. At his Naples, Florida, cosmetic surgery office, Dr. Peña and his plastic surgery staff help patients retain facial features they love while reducing unwanted signs of aging, such as:

  • Loss of volume
  • Fat deposits
  • Creasing
  • Wrinkling
  • Sagging

Gravity, stress and pollution take a toll on the face. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peña can help you combat subtle to severe signs of aging using state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery technology to achieve dramatic, long-lasting results.*

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be of a “certain age” before considering a facelift. If even subtle signs of aging cause you to be unhappy with the way you look, a consultation with Dr. Peña may be exactly what you need to put a smile on your face again.

Mid Facelift

Mid facelift surgery targets skin around the eyes, nose and mouth, correcting so-called “bags” under the eyes, upper cheek hollowness, and prominent nasal folds. If a neck lift is not indicated for you, the mid facelift may be a good solution.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift, sometimes referred to as a “weekend” facelift, is a quick procedure with a short recovery period that reduces minor sagging of the cheeks, neck and jaw line.* When compared to standard facelift surgery, the mini facelift procedure offers reduced risk and stress and greater affordability. The mini facelift can be a good solution for individuals who notice the first subtle signs of aging skin in their thirties and forties.

The Facelift Procedure

The facelift requires subtle incisions behind the hairline and in natural folds surrounding the face. Excess fat and skin are removed, and facial muscles are tightened in a procedure that typically takes several hours to complete. During recovery, you will stay in close contact with Dr. Peña and his caring team of professionals, visiting the office for follow-up appointments and suture removal when Dr. Peña determines you are ready.

Both the mid-facelift and mini-facelift can offer the results so many men and women seek:  a refreshed and renewed facial appearance.

If you are considering a facelift, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peña if you are in Naples or Fort Myers, Florida, office to schedule an initial consultation. Let us help you find the best procedure for your cosmetic surgery goals. Contact us today for more information on mid facelifts and mini facelifts.

*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.