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Questions About Facelift Surgery

Naples Facelift Surgery

What types of facial problems does the facelift procedure correct?

The great thing about the facelift procedure is its versatility. This treatment can address several issues at once, creating a smoother, younger-looking facial appearance. Designed to combat the effects of aging, sun exposure, stress and environmental damage, the facelift involves a gentle upward lifting of the facial skin, which is very effective for minimizing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, creases and sagging skin. The facelift can also improve the look of a slackened jaw line, fatdeposits around the neck, and deep folds in the face and neck. Bonita Springs cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Peña often combines it with the use of fat grafts to restore volume to the upper and mid-face.

How much younger will I look after the facelift procedure?

The results of a facelift procedure will vary by individual and depend on your unique characteristics. When you meet with our Dr. Manuel Peña, he will explain what you can expect after a facelift. You can also view a number of before and after photos during your initial consultation to get an idea of the changes that are possible.

Can a facelift be combined with other facial procedures?

If you meet all of the qualifications, we encourage combining procedures to enhance the level of results and to save time and money. By combining procedures, you can save a lot in anesthesia and surgical fees. Also, one recovery period is easier on the body and means less down time for you.* Our facelift patients tend to choose other surgical procedures that pair well with the facelift, such as the browlift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping. You may also want to consider adding a noninvasive facial refining procedure after the healing process is complete, such as BOTOX®, facial fillers, Fraxel®, or laser skin resurfacing.

How long will my facelift results last?

Keep in mind that while a facelift can help undo some of the damage of the past, it will not prevent future skin damage. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself from the sun, avoid smoking, eat right and get plenty of exercise. Lifestyle factors can go a long way in keeping your face looking youthful. While results of a facelift are lasting, continued aging will take place. Many patients consider touchups at five to ten years.*

If you are in the Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, or Estero, Florida area, and are interested in the facelift procedure, Dr. Manuel Peña can help you find your perfect cosmetic facial treatment. Please contact plastic surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña today to set up an initial face lift consultation.

*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Peña to see if you are a candidate.