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Breast Asymmetry

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Breast Surgery Options to Correct Asymmetry

For many women (and men), a flaw in one’s appearance can be of great concern, embarrassment, and even shame. Many women find their breasts to be one of the most prominent features of their bodies, and when something is not quite right with their breasts, they may feel frustration and seek out ways to fix the problem.

By just looking at the number of women and men of all ages undergoing cosmetic surgery each year in the United States, it’s quite clear that many individuals, not pleased with the way they look, are taking steps to improve and accentuate certain areas of their body through plastic surgeryBreast augmentation (or enhancement). Using breast implants is hugely popular in this country, and its popularity continues to grow each year. But there are many other types of breast surgeries offered today including breast reduction surgerybreast lift surgery and even surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts.

Breast asymmetry, which is a difference in breast size or shape, or both, is actually a very common problem among the female population. In some cases, breast asymmetry is very mild and hardly noticeable, but in other cases, the difference is significant and visible to others. Sometimes surgery is indicated to equalize the size and shape of your breasts. Naples, Florida breast surgeon, Dr. Manuel Peña, has performed surgery to correct breast asymmetry on countless women, and he can help you, too.

Cosmetic surgery to correct breast asymmetry is typically recommended when the breasts differ from each other in a bra cup size. If the breasts differ less than a cup size, surgery may not be an option for you. During your initial consultation, Dr. Peña will discuss what is best for you and make recommendations accordingly.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery

This surgery is performed on women 18 or older who are in otherwise good health. If you are under the age of 18 and would like to learn more about this surgery, please contact Dr. Peña’s office, and he will discuss your options with you during a consultation. Breast asymmetry correction is achieved through breast augmentation on one breast and breast reduction on another to achieve perfectly symmetrical breasts. This surgery has a very high success rate, and most women are thrilled with the results. While you may read about medicines or substances to correct breast asymmetry, the only scientifically proven method to correct this problem is cosmetic surgery performed by a highly trained cosmetic surgeon.

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If your breasts are uneven in size and/or shape and you would like to learn more about breast asymmetry surgery, please contact Ft. Myers breast surgeon Manuel Peña, M.D. today to schedule a confidential breast surgery consultation.

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