Non Surgical Fat Reduction

SculpSure® Laser Liposuction Patient Testimonials

SculpSure® is the first FDA-approved laser treatment for the contouring of the flanks and abdomen. Nonsurgical and noninvasive, Sculpsure® targets and destroys stubborn fat cells without requiring any downtime – allowing you to come to our Naples plastic surgery office, receive treatment, and continue with your day without any discomfort or difficulty.


SculpSure Laser Fat Loss | Plastic Surgery

If you live in or around Naples, Florida and are looking for a nonsurgical way to remove stubborn fat deposits from your midsection, please contact Peña Plastic Surgery online or by calling 239-348-7362 to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.

How Does Sculpsure® Work?

Sculpsure® uses laser energy to heat fat cells, resulting in their destruction. Once destroyed, your body is then able to remove these fat deposits through the natural process of elimination. The applicator used for Sculpsure® is designed to cool the skin even while heating underlying fat cells. This helps guarantee your absolute comfort during the entire process. A typical Sculpsure® application will take around 25 minutes.

Depending on the thickness of your skin and the amount of fat present, more than one Sculpsure® treatment may be necessary for ideal results. This is something Naples plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Peña or one of his team members will discuss with you in greater detail during your initial consultation.

Because it is not surgical, results are not instant. It can take up to 12 weeks for results to be realized. During this time you can help enhance results by engaging in a healthy lifestyle complete with a balanced diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Maintaining this lifestyle after results have been obtained is a good idea as well. Fat removed through Sculpsure® cannot come back, but new fat can accumulate unless steps are taken to maintain a slim and toned frame.

Is Sculpsure® Right for Me?

SculpSure Before and After | Naples Fat Loss

Sculpsure® is an effective way to remove stubborn fat deposits from the abdomen and flanks. If you have fat deposits elsewhere, another option may be better. The best way to determine if Sculpsure® is a good solution for your body is through a one-on-one consultation at our Naples plastic surgery office. During this consultation, Dr. Peña will discuss all of your body contouring options to help ensure you are choosing the one most suitable for your needs.

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